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Migrating from Lightroom

Learn how you can easily transition your workflow from Lightroom to Capture One. In this webinar, David will guide you through the interface of Capture One and how you can set it up to feel at home from the very beginning. You will learn about: – Workspaces – Shortcuts – Tools and features – Best practices

More in Capture One Pro

  • Sessions & Catalogs | Webinar | Capture One

    Learn about the differences of the two image management concepts Capture One 11 provides – Catalogs and Sessions. Catalogs are useful...

    Yves Van den MeersscheJune 8, 2018
  • Follow our Footsteps

    In this webinar, David will be joined by his colleague Alex to go through the entire workflow of 5 images –...

    Yves Van den MeersscheMay 18, 2018
  • Capture One Pro 11

    Save 10% on Capture One Pro 11 – use code AMBC1BLOG. For all the subscribers of Alex on RAW, a 10%...

    Yves Van den MeersscheApril 27, 2018
  • ReTime Curves

    Today I will be teaching you how to use both ReTime COntrols & ReTime Curves together to get smooth speed ramps...

    Yves Van den MeersscheApril 27, 2018
  • Using Styles | Webinar | Capture One

    Styles and Presets offer a simple and fast way to apply adjustments to one or a batch of images. A new...

    Yves Van den MeersscheApril 25, 2018
  • What’s New in Capture One 11?

    Capture One 11 was released on the 30th November with a host of exciting new features. In this Webinar, David will...

    Yves Van den MeersscheApril 23, 2018
  • Working with Layers | Webinar | Capture One

    Layers have been significantly improved in Capture One 11. We have further developed the Mask tools, for example, Refine and Feather...

    Yves Van den MeersscheApril 23, 2018
  • Capture One with Derek Heisler | Webinar | Capture One

    Follow Capture One Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Capture One is made by Phase One

    Yves Van den MeersscheApril 23, 2018
  • Working with Color | Webinar | Capture One

    Color is one of the foundations of photography whether it be accurate, pleasing or other. Capture One 11 puts you in...

    Yves Van den MeersscheApril 23, 2018

The story I fail to put into words. A box with a glass window, documenting the beauty of living the French life. Trying to learn something new every day. Shooting with BMPCC, Hasselblad H2f & Nikon. Love Davinci Resolve 15 & Capture One Pro 11.1.

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