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They say you need to lead by example so in 2005 we moved to Jeffreys Bay, South Africa. We followed our burning desire to surf world class waves and explore our photographic passion along the way. We created LiveTheLifeTV, a travel and real estate guide. The cinema camera broke down after shooting a Derek Hynd sequence for Jack McCoy and that was the end of an early stage filmmaking career …

We are originally from Belgium. After years of traveling and living in the place of dreaming, Jeffreys Bay, we moved back to Europe in 2012. The last 5 years, we have been setting up a new life and fulfilling our dream of living in the South-West of France. A whole new chapter. Including a Blackmagic cinema camera and a Hasselblad to shoot medium format 120 film. Never knew I had so much fire burning to push forward by taking a few steps back in time.

We want to keep inspiring others to ‘LiveTheLife’ and share our life lessons with you. Mistakes we’ve made and things we’ve learned. Talk a bit more about the premium destinations we handpicked to feature in our book. We can’t wait to share our story with you. And work hard to get the LTL photo book published. Through our “Patreon” Community we will share exclusive behind-the-scenes content

We’ve already put a lot of our own money in to get where we are today. This crowdfunding campaign allows our partners and fans to send us some extra support. A big shout out to each and every one of you who have joined us on our journey so far. We couldn’t do this without you. Thanks

Yves & katrien

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