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  • Eunonia

    Eunonia // Noun (uncountable)(rhetoric) Goodwill towards an audience, either perceived or real; the perception that the speaker has the audience’s interest...

    Yves Van den MeersscheNovember 5, 2016
  • Southern Atolls. Maldives surf trip (Anloran)

    Some footage of the boat we stayed on and our trip in the Southern Atolls. Music: West End Girls – Pet...

    Yves Van den MeersscheJanuary 7, 2016
  • North Male Atolls, When To Go

    Over the last decade, Maldives has gained a solid reputation for clean, almost beginner-friendly waves that break on the most exposed...

    Yves Van den MeersscheDecember 7, 2015
  • Four Seasons Maldives Explorer – A Mermaid’s Tale

    Embark on the ultimate marine odyssey aboard our floating resort, Four Seasons Explorer, a 39-metre three-deck catamaran. Capable of carrying 22...

    Yves Van den MeersscheDecember 7, 2015
  • David living the Maldives life since 1990

    Ocean Divine is a 5-star boat and one of the most luxurious vessels in Maldives offering you a very special experience,...

    Yves Van den MeersscheDecember 7, 2015
  • Just Surf Villa. Experience the real Maldivian culture

    The Just Surf Villa on the Himmafushi island in Maldives is the perfect rental place to enjoy the best North Male...

    Yves Van den MeersscheDecember 6, 2015
  • A surf and dive trip to Laamu Atoll is unforgettable

    The Laamu Atoll and Huvadhu Atoll are separate by the One and a Half Degree Channel. As there is not much...

    Yves Van den MeersscheDecember 6, 2015
  • Carpe Vita Surf Charter designed to spoil surfers

    The Carpe Vita surf charter is accompanied by a specially designed 61 foot Dhoni to transfer surfers and divers to the...

    Yves Van den MeersscheDecember 6, 2015
  • Live The Life on board off the most luxury surf charter

    It can not get any better when you are on this exclusive LTL Maldives Surf Yacht. The modern design and high...

    Yves Van den MeersscheDecember 5, 2015
  • Full Moon Resort

    Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort & Spa is situated on its own island – one of 250 inhabited isles among the...

    Yves Van den MeersscheDecember 2, 2015

The story I fail to put into words. A box with a glass window, documenting the beauty of living the French life. Trying to learn something new every day. Shooting with BMPCC, Hasselblad H2f & Nikon. Love Davinci Resolve 15 & Capture One Pro 11.1.

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